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Note:  we are sorry to say that new Liberty Audiosuite systems cannot be assembled, due to unavailability of the required Fiji or Pinnacle soundcards.  

Please check out our new PRAXIS system!

Liberty Audiosuite version 3

Liberty Audiosuite (LAUD) is an audio measurement and analysis system utilizing the 20 bit Turtle Beach Fiji and Pinnacle DSP-based soundcards with PC based computers.

LAUD measures audio band frequency response, time domain responses, impedances, spectra, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, anechoic behavior, room acoustics, and a wide variety of other characteristics of loudspeakers and audio frequency electronics. At a fraction of the cost, it dramatically outperforms other computer-card based measurement systems. LAUD measures:

Intended for use as an Engineering and research tool, LAUD emphasizes flexibility -- most display and analysis parameters in LAUD are adjustable (after all, it would be easy to make software simple-seeming if it didn't do much!).

Yet for those needing simplicity and quick results without long learning curves, LAUD also provides EASY SCRIPTs -- built-in automated measurement procedures in a graphic environment that give on-screen setup diagrams as well as taking the user through step-by-step measurement procedures and option selections. Make meaningful measurements within minutes of installation!