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Polar 3.0

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Courtesy of Tim Sandrik,   Klipsch, LLC

Polar 3.0 is written to process ASCII measurement data files from Liberty Audiosuite to produce color graphic presentations of loudspeaker polar radiation behavior and other directional characteristics. This is a very sophisticated postprocessing program, and has a companion Liberty Audiosuite Script to provide very user-friendly data collection for use by Polar 3.0.  Polar3 requires Microsoft Excel Excel 97 SR1 and Windows95 or Windows98.

NOTE: This version of Polar3 works only with Excel 97 SR 1 and later -- Tim is working to make Polar back-compatible with some older versions of Excel (such as V7), and we will update the files on this page when that becomes available.

The Excel-based Polar 3 program will open, read, and process multiple files and then generate a report in Microsoft Excel that contains the processed and organized data, and several plots useful in describing radiation pattern information. The angular resolution handled is 10 degrees, and the frequency resolution is selectable by the user in points per octave. The program automatically adjusts for the amount of data the user has taken, mirroring data where possible, and filling in data where mirroring is not possible. This means that it is not necessary to make 36 measurements when the speaker is symmetrical, or when only some portion of the radiation pattern is being investigated. Users are encouraged to become familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel to plot data in other ways, and format the plots to best display the data.

Installing and Running Polar3 (files provided below)

The files are given in ZIPPED format.  The file POLAR.ZIP  should be downloaded and stored in a temporary directory.  Then, make a new subdirectory, called "Polar" under your "LAUD\SCRIPTS\" directory:
(if LAUD is installed on your C: drive, or substitute D:, etc, if installed on a different drive). 

The script file (polar.scr) and its related files (.bmp and .icf types) must be stored as described in order to be used by LAUD.  The Excel file (polar 30.xls) need not be located here, but this is probably the simplest location in which to store it.

You will need a decompression program such as PKWARE's "PKZIP/UNZIP" to UNZIP the files.  If you don't have such a utility, you can download a shareware version by following this link: PKWARE's DOWNLOAD SITE OR by downloading the 32 bit shareware version (only) now from Liberty Instruments' site   by clicking here.

Unzip the downloaded POLAR.ZIP file (unzipping the file will break it up into a set of 8 new files) into the new \LAUD\SCRIPTS\POLAR directory (or if you unzip them into a different location, move them to this new directory).

OPTIONAL: You can also download the file EXAMPLE.ZIP, which is a set of LAUD ASCII data files (made of an active three-way speaker system -- the files, after unzipping, are named "ACT3W???.FRD").  You can unzip or copy these files to any directory (but keep them all together).  These example files will allow you to try out the POLAR3 Excel program before you use your LAUD system to collect your own data. 

To use the POLAR 30.XLS program, locate the file on your disk (using either the Windows Explorer, or "My Computer").   Double-click on the file POLAR 30.XLS and this should start Microsoft Excel on your computer and start up the POLAR3 program.  If asked to enable macros, click "Enable Macros".   Information about operation and capability of the program is provided in the text file "Polar30.txt", which is also zipped within POLAR.ZIP or can be viewed by clicking this link:  POLAR3.TXT instructions.

To use the LAUD POLAR.SCR collection script, from LAUD go to [* Cntrl sCripts Custom Directory], then select "Polar" (double-click with the mouse) to select the Polar directory.  Then go to [* Cntrl sCripts Custom runScript] and double click on "Polar" to begin operation of the script.

Download Polar 3.0 and its script files (zip file POLAR.ZIP)

Download Example LAUD data files to try Polar3 with (zip file EXAMPLE.ZIP)