Taking the SynAudCon
Architectural Acoustics Measurement and Prediction course?

PRAXIS is listed as a required software for  the Room Sound Convolution portion of this seminar.  But, while we would love it if you got the full PRAXIS system, only the (free) PRAXIS software is needed for the SynAudCon seminar.

PRAXIS software, when run without the AudPod interface/key device, can be used for audio signal postprocessing and display. The SynAudCon seminar will use PRAXIS' free postprocessing features to do Room Sound Convolution.   This software can be downloaded for free from our download page. (Or see below for download links to all the needed and recommended PRAXIS files for the SynAudCon course). 

The full system (with the AudPod interface) can do a large array of audio measurements including distortions, frequency responses, impulse responses, impedance measurements, etc.

You will need:

You may also want to get :

For PRAXIS overviews, check out: