Windows Soundcard Mixers in VISTA

revised 10 Nov, 2007

The documentation and help files for PRAXIS often refer to the "Windows Mixer".  The Windows Mixer is an application (actual name: "SNDVOL32.EXE")  that provides selection of Record and Play sources or jacks, and volume levels (as well as some other functions).  Access to these controls is needed to perform calibration of PRAXIS.

Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer includes SNDVOL32.EXE with Windows VISTA, and the VISTA sound mixers work differently than they have in previous Windows versions.  As a result, PRAXIS is no longer able to open the mixer in VISTA, nor manage it in the same ways.  Below are instructions on  getting hold of the needed equivalent mixer controls and to manage them for PRAXIS calibrations

To access All Available sound controls: